I have been Art Director for the past 13 years, on three AAA projects.  First was Lord of the Rings Online, a long-running MMO set in Tolkein's universe, for a significant portion of the live service, as well as the first two expansion packs, The Mines of Moria and The Siege of Mirkwood. I directed Infinite Crisis, a MOBA game set in the DC multiverse. Following that, I was Senior Creative Art Director on Magic the Gathering: Arena, a new digital implementation of Magic the Gathering.

Magic Arena logo Infinite Crisis logo
Lord of the Rings Online logo

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The work within the project pages represents work of the art team under my direction.


I have designed and directed most logos for projects I have worked on. Additionally, as a small business owner, I have undertaken the business web presence and branding identity. I created the business logos, and all product photography. Click the web page image to see my branding work.

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