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I have over 29 years of experience in the computer and video games industry as an art director, production artist, and designer. My main areas of expertise include art direction and team management, modeling, texture mapping, user interface design, and art pipeline design. I have managed teams of 30+ artists, along with the output of several dozen artists from outsource studios.

I have excellent verbal and written communication skills, and enjoy success as a manager, getting quality work from artists and outsourcers while keeping morale high and burnout low. I find my greatest satisfaction in enabling the best work of those I manage and evaluate, creating an environment where they can perform their best.


Professional Experience


Harry Teasley Photography 1.2012 – present


I have done wedding, portrait, and automobile photography for clients in Massachusetts and Washington, as well as sell my personal photography at craft fairs and shows. My personal work consists of landscape, street, and portrait photography.


Principal Investor, Burger Addict 5.2017 – present


I invested in a farm-to-table burger restaurant chain, Burger Addict. With two locations and two food trucks, we serve award-winning burgers on the East Side. My partner is a Michelin-star chef, and he designed the menu selection. I put my art and design skills to use designing the logo, product photographs, marketing materials, menus, and website content.


Senior Creative Art Director, Wizards of the Coast 12.2015 – 11.2017

I was the Senior Creative Art Director for Magic the Gathering: Arena, a true-to-print digital version of the Magic the Gathering collectible card game using the Unity3D engine. I set the visual direction of the game, emphasizing updated card construction to suit digital play, magical VFX for greater gameplay impact, and environmental settings to leverage the excellent world design of the Magic multiverse.

I did concept and modeling work, UI/UX design, supervised video production, and helped build the digital team at Wizards to compete in today’s AAA gaming market. I also supervised continuing work on Magic Duels and Magic the Gathering Online.


Art Director, Turbine Inc 09.2007 – 07.2015

UI Designer, Lead Artist, Turbine Inc 12.2002 – 09.2007

I was the Art Director for Infinite Crisis, a MOBA set in the DC multiverse. I set the design for the visual of the project, designed the art pipeline for the game, and supervised all asset production. At the height of development, I was managing 40 artists as well as outsourced and marketing assets.

I was hired by Turbine to be the UI Designer for Lord of the Rings Online in 2002. As the project grew, I took on Lead Artist responsibilities, and became Art Director for the project after launch, directing the effort on the first two commercial expansions, The Mines of Moria and The Siege of Mirkwood. I did UI/UX design and implementation, concept painting, environmental design, modeling and texturing for characters and environment, and managed the art team for daily feedback, overall quality, and career development.


Artist and Designer, Valve Software 10.1996 – 07.2001

I was the first out-of-state hire for Valve, and was deeply involved in the initial design and subsequent creation of Half-Life as an artist and game designer. My work included story design, character concept creation, locale concept design, texture painting, and level design.

Other work at Valve included art production, primarily texture work, for the games CounterStrike, Team Fortress Classic, Deathmatch Classic, and Ricochet. I acted as Third Party Liaison and Producer after the launch of Half-Life, primarily regarding acquisition and production for Half-Life: Opposing Force and Gunman Chronicles. I did concept drawing, character design, and texture work for early versions of Team Fortress 2.


Artist and Designer, Midway Home Entertainment 10.1993 – 5.1996

I worked as a Senior Artist and Designer on games for a variety of platforms and in a variety of genres. I was Lead Artist and Designer on Doom: Special Playstation Edition, as well as Production Artist on various other titles. I did game design, concept creation, sprite and background painting, texturing and level design, and 3D modeling.


Artist, MicroProse Software 5.1991 – 8.1993

I worked primarily as a 2D animation artist and background painter for various computer titles, including Civilization and Pirates Gold.



Additional Experience

I have taught Fundamentals of Maya evening classes for the Center for Digital Imaging Arts in Boston. I have blogged professionally for the IEEE website, as well as written product reviews for IEEE Spectrum magazine. My personal artwork is, in recent years, primarily street and landscape photography.


Primary Software Packages

I am expert in Photoshop and Maya, with several more task specific packages related to aspects of production art and UI wireframing. Good familiarity with ZBrush, Modo, and Substance. Game engines I have worked with include Unreal, Unity3D, Source Engine, and company proprietary engines. Development process software I have used has been mostly Excel, Jira, or Hansoft for task management, with Shotgun, Basecamp, Arc9, ProofMe, and other software platforms for managing outsource feedback and approvals.


Educational Background

Bachelor of Fine Arts, Fine Arts Drawing – Maryland Institute, College of Art, 1991.


Game Credits

Magic the Gathering: Arena (PC, Senior Creative Art Director)

Magic: Duels (PC, Mobile, Supervising Art Director)

Magic the Gathering Online (PC, Supervising Art Director)

Infinite Crisis (PC, Art Director)

Lord of the Rings Online: The Siege of Mirkwood (PC, Art Director)

Lord of the Rings Online: The Mines of Moria (PC, Art Director)

Lord of the Rings Online (PC, Lead Artist)

Gunman Chronicles (PC, Producer)

Deathmatch Classic for Half-Life (PC, Artist)

CounterStrike for Half-Life (PC, Artist)

Ricochet for Half-Life (PC, Artist)

Team Fortress Classic for Half-Life (PC, Artist)

Half-Life (PC, Artist and Designer)

Wild 9’s (PSX, Artist)

Doom64 (N64, Artist and Designer)

Final Doom (PSX, Artist)

Doom: Special Playstation Edition (PSX, Artist and Designer)

Fun ‘N’ Games (PC and 3DO, Artist)

Double Dragon V (SNES, Artist)

Pirates Gold (PC, Artist)

F-15 Super Strike Eagle (SNES, Artist)

F-15 (NEC9801, Artist)

Civilization (PC, Macintosh, NEC9801, and Amiga, Artist)

Gunship 2000 (PC, Artist)


harry teasley, 14019 163rd Pl SE, Renton, WA, 98059

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