I am an experienced commercial and fine art photographer, having shot engagements and weddings, as well as portraits and product photography.

Menu product shots for Burger Addict, a Washington fast casual restaurant.

Wedding and reception shots. Capturing the candid moments between people at these events is what people end up appreciating the most.

My main photographic interests are portrait, street, and landscape photography. Photos of people and scenes that tell a story, and which find beauty in the mundane, are the subjects that interests me the most. Landscape scenes that emphasize a formal composition, a near abstraction of color, pattern, and value, are the subjects that draw my interest, over more traditionally emotive scenes of natural beauty.

Being part of the Black Lives Matter protests, I have been eager to document them in a manner that is both truthful and compassionate. Dramatic, out of the ordinary situations, filled with people and institutions with competing narratives, are manifestly important stories that must be told with accuracy and integrity, and with an eye on essential truths, as opposed to superficial distractions.

Photos from the Women's March in Seattle, after President Trump's inauguration. Capturing the diversity of resistance to him, the size of the march, and the unity of the crowd was my goal.

My favorite street photography are street portaits. Meeting interesting people and hearing what they have to say, and trying to capture the truth of them in a portrait...

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