About Me


I've been making games professionally for 27 years: it's hard to remember not doing it, not loving it. I graduated art school with a Fine Art Drawing BFA, and was hired at a time when a computer game Art Director could say, "You don't need to know computers, we just want people who can draw and paint. You'll learn the computer part."

I immediately moved from charcoal & paper to the computer, and have scarcely looked back. It was immediately clear to me that this world was the future, and I wanted to be a part of it. As the industry has progressed, and artist jobs have gotten ever more specialized, I realized that my strength is in executing and maintaining an artistic vision at a project level, with a strong eye towards interface and user experience as being vital components of a game's overall success.

Art direction was clearly my path: working with a development team, assessing capabilities and resources, benchmarking the target platform, evaluating the schedule, and finally delivering an artistic vision that can be achieved within those parameters, that's what I do best. Developing art pipelines, managing artists and outsourcers to produce their best work and grow in their careers, managing client performance and design goals visually, those are the challenges that I love.

Outside the office, my personal art has been photography: street and landscape, and portrait work. I have taught classes in Maya, as well as done freelance writing for various publications and websites. I enjoy motorcycling, bicycling and swimming, reading extensively, modeling things to run through the 3D printer, and playing games (mostly handheld lately: phone, tablet, Switch, and 3DS). My love for serious films and console fighting games has largely given way in a household where the kids generally commandeer those resources for various My Little Pony and Steven Universe purposes.


harry teasley, 14019 163rd pl se, renton, wa, 98059

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