I've been making games professionally for almost 30 years: it's hard to remember not doing it, not loving it. I graduated art school with a Fine Art Drawing BFA, and was hired at a time when a computer game Art Director could say, "You don't need to know computers, we just want people who can draw and paint. You'll learn the computer part."

I immediately moved from charcoal & paper to the computer, and have never looked back. It was immediately clear to me that this world was the future, and I wanted to be a part of it. As the industry has progressed, and artist jobs have gotten ever more specialized, I became more interested in executing and maintaining an artistic vision at a project level, recognizing user interface and experience as being vital components of a game's overall success.

I enjoy working with a development team, assessing capabilities and resources, benchmarking the target platform, evaluating the schedule, and finally delivering an artistic vision that can be achieved within those parameters. Developing art pipelines, managing artists to produce their best work and grow in their careers, managing client performance and design goals visually, and communicating that vision to all stakeholders are what I excel at.

Outside the office, my personal art has been photography: street, landscape, and portrait work. I have taught classes in Maya, as well as done freelance writing for various publications and websites. I enjoy cycling, reading extensively, woodworking, modeling things to run through the 3D printer, and playing games (mostly handheld lately: phone, tablet, and 3DS). My love for serious films and console fighting games is back-burnered in a household where the kids generally commandeer the needed resources for various Disney+ purposes.

harry teasley, 14019 163rd Pl SE, Renton, WA, 98059

harry@het3.com | www.harryteasley.com